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Shop BSI’s 100% pure Hemp CBD products with complete confidence. After all, you’ve got our team of medical doctors and scientists on your side—not to mention our unwavering commitment to quality, consistency and reliability.

Trokie CBD Fast Melt Tabs – 100mg

Sometimes all you need to do in order to feel better and alleviate pain is take a Trokie CBD fast melt tab. This CBD lozenge delivers just the right amount of CBD your body needs.


Trokie CBD Fast Melt Tabs – 500mg

The same great Trokie Fast Melt Tabs, but with 50 servings.


Trokie CBD Fast Melt Tab with Melatonin

Fall asleep quicker without side effects. With these CBD tabs you won’t have to deal with that grogginess in the morning; you’ll wake up fully energized and ready for a new day.


Trokie CBD Nanocapsules – 750mg

Our unique CBD capsules include 30 potent capsules that are a convenient way to get a consistent, controlled dose of CBD without the hassle or bitterness of tinctures and other methods.


Trokie Triple Strength Transdermal Patch

Alleviate localized pain with a Trokie CBD and lidocaine transdermal patch. With a proprietary blend of pain relievers, this proven, patented patch has the highest over-the-counter lidocaine dose available, plus anhydrous hemp oil (CBD).


Trokie CBD Cream with Shea Butter: Cooling Action – 150mg

Rejuvenate your skin and soothe your pain within minutes with the unique cooling sensation of our Trokie CBD Cream with Shea Butter: Cooling Action.


Trokie CBD Cream with Shea Butter: Deep Heat & Cooling Action –

The rich, whipped butters, all natural oils and pure CBD in Trokie’s Cooling & Deep Heat Pain Relief CBD Cream address pain quickly and luxuriously. Enjoy both cooling and heating sensations while soothing local muscle and joint pain.


Trokie CBD Salve with Aloe and Tea Tree Oil – 150mg

Manage your pain while protecting your skin with Trokie’s Pain Relief CBD Salve. It has a proprietary blend of all natural, healing ingredients including aloe vera, olive oil, rosemary and tea tree oil, all rolled into one long-lasting salve.


Trokie CBD Cooling Spray – 300mg

Get straight to the pain with effective, fast-acting topical spray. This spray gets its uplifting cooling effect from camphor, wintergreen oil and menthol, so you can feel relief immediately.



Trokie CBD Wound Care Spray – 300mg

This CBD first aid spray contains 300 mg of pure CBD and is specially formulated as a mobile solution for any type of wound. Because of its small size, it can easily fit into your purse, backpack or even back pocket. You can take it with you anywhere and use it as a CBD wound care spray.


Trokie CBD Tattoo Care Spray – 300mg

If you want to reduce the pain that comes with getting a tattoo, then you need a professional product that offers exceptional tattoo aftercare. The CBD spray from Trokie can do the trick. This powerful spray contains only natural ingredients that jumpstart the healing process and send the pain away.