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Shop BSI’s 100% pure Hemp CBD products with complete confidence. After all, you’ve got our team of medical doctors and scientists on your side—not to mention our unwavering commitment to quality, consistency and reliability.

Trokie CBD Fast Melt Tabs – 100mg

Trokie CBD Fast Melt Tabs are the perfect aid to help you relax and unwind after a hectic day. These potent  alternatives to CBD lozenges for pain, provide you with just the right amount of pure CBD for your body, allowing your system to rebalance and facilitating overall wellbeing. Fast action and long-lasting, this product provides your body with pure Trokie cannabidiol, delivering the desired effects rapidly.


Trokie CBD Fast Melt Tabs – 500mg

Trokie CBD Fast Melt Tabs – 500mg – are the perfect tool to provide you with the relief you need. These high-dose tabs provide you with an extra boost, delivering 10mg of ultra-pure Trokie CBD in a single serving. Faster delivery than any CBD lozenges on the market.


Trokie CBD Fast Melt Tab with Melatonin

Trokie CBD Fast Melt Tabs with Melatonin combines the benefits of cannabidiol with the sleep hormone, melatonin, helping you fall asleep faster, all while reducing your symptoms. The dual action of this CBD sleep aid powerfully interacts with your body, alleviating feelings of pain and anxiety, while preparing your body hormonally for rest. Melatonin helps to boost feel-good neurotransmitters in your brain, melting away your concerns and allowing you to fall into a deep sleep, fast.


Trokie CBD Nanocapsules – 750mg

Trokie CBD Nanocapsules – 750mg – provides you with thirty capsules of pure CBD in pill form, allowing you to avoid the bitterness of tinctures. Each tab contains 25mg of purified cannabidiol extracted from natural hemp, helping to alleviate symptoms, putting you on the path to wellness.


Trokie Triple Strength Transdermal Patch

Trokie Triple Strength Transdermal Patch provides fast-acting pain relief directly through the skin, using a combination of CBD and lidocaine. It offers the highest over-the-counter lidocaine dose available and combines it with both CBD (cannabidiol) and menthol for triple action pain relief. Simply open the packet and place a pain patch on the affected area to experience an immediate soothing sensation.


Trokie CBD Salve: Cooling Action – 150mg

If it’s fast-acting, cooling pain relief you seek, you’ll find it in Trokie’s Cooling Pain Relief CBD Salve. It has the same all natural, healing ingredients as the original salve, plus natural cooling ingredients. The addition of wintergreen oil, camphor and menthol helps relieve muscle and joint pain with an energizing, refreshing cooling sensation.

$35.00 $26.25

Trokie CBD Salve with Aloe and Tea Tree Oil – 150mg

Who says that CBD topicals can’t be luxurious? Trokie CBD Salve with Aloe and Tea Tree Oil is a proprietary blend of luxury skin ingredients with cannabidiol that alleviates pain and leaves the skin feeling silky-soft. Each jar contains aloe vera, tea tree oil, rosemary, and olive oil, – all-natural ingredients for a spa-like experience.

$35.00 $26.25

Trokie CBD Wound Care Spray – 300mg

Thanks to Trokie CBD Wound Care Spray – 300mg, caring for your wounds just got easier. Each convenient bottle contains more than 300 mg of purified and isolated CBD, providing you with the ultimate mobile salve for all types of wound.

$35.00 $26.25

Trokie CBD Tattoo Care Spray – 300mg

Wave goodbye to tattoo aches, pains, and itchiness with Trokie CBD Tattoo Care Spray. Our CBD tattoo pain relief spray is designed to kickstart your recovery after getting a new tattoo, sealing in moisture to lock-in the tattoo pigment, while also providing natural local pain relief. There’s no better way to accelerate your tattoo recovery process and make it painless.

$35.00 $26.25